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Changes – Part 4

May 25, 2010

01. from hike the Grand Canyon changed to complete 30 of Dee’s Springfield 365 challenges. (more info) – While I would like to visit the Grand Canyon still… I don’t think I need to hike it lol. My friend DeShanee is creating a blog that includes 365 things you can do in Springfield. I think it would be fun (and a challenge) to do a month’s worth of them.

10. from comment on someone else’s blog 3 times a week to guest post on another blog. (more info) I really don’t need a goal for commenting. I tend to comment on no less than 10-15 blogs a day (thanks to book blogging). So another way to expand in the community is to guest post!

26. from complete 26 things photography challenge to design 5 new blog headers (more info) – I’m just not interested in the photography challenge anymore. I’d like to get back into blog design and this is a way to kick start the motivation again.

70. from make a geocache and hide it to buy new foundation makeup (more info) – I’m just plain not interested in geocaching anymore lol. I could use  a new foundation… maybe something for summer… and I love buying makeup :)

71. from find 10 geocaches a year to go to a wine tasting (more info) – Again not interested in geocaching anymore. I haven’t been to a wine tasting in ages! I’ve been working every Saturday. I need an excuse to take a day off and enjoy some booze.

79. from be able to label a map of the US to complete 4 lessons on (more info) – Do I really need to know where all the states are?… This new goal will help me with my other language goals.

89. from play with Luna to apply to 3 jobs a week until you get a job you like (more info) – I play with Luna a lot, but it is very hard to keep track of due to it being short amounts of time all day. I REALLY, REALLY need to spend more time applying to jobs!

All the goals are now updated!

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