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Daybreakers (2009)

January 8, 2010

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Rating ****1/2

(I’m reviewing movies out of order because I have to get this up right now.)

I went to see Daybreakers (2009) with my good friend Angie tonight and LOVED it! I’ve been waiting for this to come out and was not disappointed. In a time when it seems like all vampire movies are romances that don’t actually include real vampires, this movie jumps out as a kick-ass “real” vampire movie.

In the year 2019, a plague has transformed most every human into vampires. Faced with a dwindling blood supply, the fractured dominant race plots their survival; meanwhile, a researcher works with a covert band of vamps on a way to save humankind. – IMDB

Ethan Hawke plays a hematologist named Edward with the task of finding a blood substitute in the face of the extinction of the human race.  In this movie vampires cannot go out into the sun, do not have a reflection, die when staked through the heart, AND turn into some crazy bat-human thing when deprived of blood. Edward doesn’t believe in farming humans for blood and only works for a place that does so in the hopes of finding a substitute. When he comes across a group of rouge humans that may have found a cure, he is drawn into the heart of the war.

This movie is full of humor, gore, action, and emotion. I laughed. I teared up. I jumped out of my seat. I also had to cover my eyes for some parts. I really didn’t want it to end. If you can’t guess… I’m highly recommending this movie to those who like vampire movies OR action movies. I will be taking Shane to see this.

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  1. January 10, 2010 11:12 am

    Really looking forward to this one. Hopefully I will be seeing it later in the week.

  2. January 15, 2010 2:30 pm

    I am *so* glad you wrote this – I got extremely excited when I first saw some of the viral previews online… but then its been getting bashed in the mainstream. Very whop-whop-whop ANOTHER vampire movie!? Come on!

    To hear that you liked it is very encouraging. I was going to guiltily get it through Netflix… I guess now I don’t have to wait! :-) Hopefully I’ll be able to get someone to go with me very soon!

    • taraSG permalink
      January 15, 2010 6:48 pm

      It wasn’t overly original storywise. At least it didn’t change up vampire lore or anything drastic like that. But I found that refreshing in a time when I feel like everyone is trying to put their own twist on vampire lore (sparkly vampires… all in high school…).

      I think you’ll like this :)

  3. January 16, 2010 10:55 am

    My sister saw this the other day but I don’t think she was that impressed – her verdict was “ok”.

    • taraSG permalink
      January 17, 2010 11:23 pm

      I took my husband to see it tonight and he really liked it. I think some people were hoping for more from the story which I’ll admit wasn’t overly complex.

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