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The Book is in the Mail

October 14, 2009

72.   Send 10 “just because” gifts (2/10) (more info)

Sarah asked if anyone would be willing to send her a book so she could venture out of what she normally reads (I think this may be for one of her goals, but I’m not sure). I love getting people into new series! So I used The Book Depository to send her Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris :) Hope she likes it!

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  1. Rachie X permalink
    October 15, 2009 12:59 am

    People keep referring “The Book Depository” to me but i never got around to looking at it, until a few days ago and Richard was very excited to discover that they stock a sci-fi series he wants to read for a very low price! He loved the first book and now we are going to order the next 4. The free shipping really helps too :) I also found a book i wanted on there very cheap. Must say, i have a new favourite place to buy books online.

  2. Rachie X permalink
    October 15, 2009 1:00 am

    P.S. I am very sorry Australia for not supporting the Australian publishing industry, but you are just too expensive!

  3. October 15, 2009 8:10 am

    I’m so excited! Thank you thank you! :) I’ll definitely let you know when it gets here.

    • taraSG permalink
      October 15, 2009 12:41 pm

      Hope you like it as much I did :)

  4. October 16, 2009 10:49 am

    Check out

    you have a new award!

  5. October 17, 2009 2:40 pm

    Oh, that website looks interesting. I’ve never heard of it before :-) I shall have to resist looking to closely at it before pay day though…

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