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Language Lesson : Week 20

October 4, 2009

82. Learn 2 new French words and 1 French idiom a week (20/143) (more info)

83. Learn 2 new ASL signs a week (20/143) (more info)

French Vocab:

mère (n. f) – mother : My mother lives with me. – Ma mère habite avec moi.

père (n. m)– father : My father likes to watch baseball. – Mon père aime regarder le baseball.

French Idiom

à perte de vue – as far as (one) can see

ASL vocab

mother – The thumb of the right hand rests on the chin, while the fingers make a wiggling motion. (video)

father – The thumb of one hand taps the forehead. (video)

My parents are living with us for a week. They are building a new home and are living with my aunt and uncle until it’s done. However, my uncle just got back from overseas and they wanted to give them some family time. So we’re eating good for a week :)

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  1. Tracy permalink
    October 15, 2009 7:16 am

    My friend (and collegue) and her hasband are deaf. She’s been teaching us a few words and phrases in SL. When I saw this post I though ‘but that’s not how you say mom and dad’.
    So I learned that there are as many SL dialects as there are countries. You would have though that SL is universal?
    good luck learning!

    • taraSG permalink
      October 15, 2009 12:40 pm

      I thought that too until I started doing this weekly post! I’m also trying to find a good site to help learn the grammar since that too is a lot different that spoken English.

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