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Language Lesson : Week 19

September 27, 2009

82. Learn 2 new French words and 1 French idiom a week (19/143) (more info)

83. Learn 2 new ASL signs a week (19/143) (more info)

French Vocab:

tard (adv) – late : I wrote this late in the week. –  J’ai écrit cet en retard dans la semaine.

excité(e) – (adj)– excited : I am excited about being featured. – Je suis excitée d’est présenté.

French Idiom

à pas de loup – with great strides, quickly (lit.: at wolf steps)

ASL vocab

late – The open 5-hand is waved in a backwards motion along the side of the body with the palm facing back. (video)

excited – Both hands with TOUCH FINGERS move in a upwards motion up the chest in an alternating movement. (video)

I want to say THANK YOU to WordPress for featuring

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