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Fellow Bloggers : Week 17 (drinks)

September 8, 2009

10.   Comment on someone else’s blog 3 times a week (more info) (17/131)

I’m briefly leaving the Sookie Stackhouse universe just long enough to do my blogger post for the week :) I’m really sorry I’ve been out of it the last few days… I do feel sorry for the hubs (although I think it’s a true sign of how much I love him that I put the books down to eat dinner).

This week I’m featuring good drinking blogs!

  • Art of Drink is so much more than just cocktail recipes! The stories behind the drink and why they’re so good make you even more eager to pull out for your shaker and martini glasses.  I’m dying to try Moral Suasion :)
  • Science of Drink is a much more straight-forward just recipes and beautiful pictures kind of site, but with an impressive variety to choose from. I’d most like to try the Fraises Fizz.
  • Last but not least, Cocktail Virgin Slut (love the name!) is a fun recipes and pictures blog with some info on the drinks as well. I think I’ll have to try the Sour Cherry Smash.

Too young to drink? You can always check out Booze Movies :)

Don’t know what you want to drink? Check out the Mixilator.

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