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Club Dead

September 5, 2009

13. Read 101 books (13/101) (more info)

Rating ****1/2

I finished up my second book of the day :) The third Sookie Stackhouse book (Club DeadCharlaine Harris) was even better than the first two. It didn’t take me much time to become sucked into the story I could barely stand to know what came next. This one was more emotional, but also more mysterious and action packed.

For more basic info on the series check out my review of the first book. In this book we travel from Bon Temps yet again, but this time to Mississippi. We meet some new characters and learn to either love or hate some old ones. To be honest I’m not sure how I felt emotionally at the end of this one. I really love the mixing of genres. Mystery, paranormal, and romance (not at all raunchy like I’ve seen the few TrueBlood episodes). I also LOVE that the author doesn’t end the books with huge cliffhangers. Except I didn’t hesitate in reading the back of the forth book… I’m officially hooked :) I may have a shot at Bibliophile of the Month if I keep this up lol!

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