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The Time Traveler’s Wife (2009) : Shane’s 101

August 27, 2009

Shane’s 101 – 32. watch 50 new movies (13/50)

Rating *****

Shane took me to see The Time Traveler’s Wife (2009) last night. I LOVED the book and really enjoyed the film. I was really worried he’d be confused and wouldn’t like it. However, he really liked it (he gave it 5 stars, I only gave it 4). He said he didn’t find it confusing at all. So it would appear that I was wrong. I guess I was thinking of all that was missing from the movie compared to the book and thought it was more important that it was. Shane was interested in what they changed. He was surprised to hear how much darker the book was, however, he won’t be reading the book. At least maybe he won’t complain when I buy the DVD :)

Shane rating this movie higher than me made me think about how I’ve been rating movies. I’m not planning on changing it or anything. I just wonder if I’m too hard on movies. I’m insanely hesitant to give a movie 5 stars in case I see a better movie later. So when you see me review anything with higher than 4 stars know that I really really liked it :)

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  1. Aманда permalink
    August 27, 2009 12:11 pm

    I give most movies about a 3. I don’t think I’m hard on movies, there are just few that I really like. :)

  2. August 27, 2009 12:57 pm

    I don’t think you’re too hard on movies. I think some people just have really light criteria for movies. I have to REALLY love a movie to give it four out of five. If I didn’t love it but am not upset I spent two hours on it, it gets a 2… where something like that, my husband would give a three.

    If I’m sorry I lost two hours of my life, it gets zero. LOL

    I think TTW is totally worth a four… not a five… but maybe only b/c I read the book. Hard to say!

  3. August 27, 2009 6:23 pm

    I was pleasantly surprised by this film. I saw it last week, I didn’t intend to but got stuck in traffic missed what I intended to see and had a choice between this and GI Joe as GI Joe looks appalling I went for the Time Travellers Wife and really liked it. I think there a few holes in the plot, I will have to read the book to see if they are better explained or if they are genuine holes.

    • taraSG permalink
      August 27, 2009 6:32 pm

      I don’t remember any plot holes in the book and since I’d read it before seeing the movie, I don’t know that I’d recognize them in the film. I would recommend the book though :)

  4. August 28, 2009 3:06 am

    I sooowant to see this!! I loved the book. I told my boyfriend the story and he said it sounds interesting so I may get taken to see it if it ever actually comes out in Germany…

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