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K&K Learn French

June 10, 2009

82. Learn 2 new French words and 1 French idiom a week (4/143) (more info)

I came across a fun blog for learning French phrases via Chere. It’s called K&K Learn French and it’s put together by an Aussie/American pair podcasting out of Paris.

“Avoir les chevilles qui enflent” is not actually a reference to an affliction often suffered by pregnant women, but to the unfortunate tendency of some people to have a big head.

I’m very much so looking forward to learning more French phrases with them!

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  1. Chère permalink
    June 10, 2009 2:05 pm

    Seriously, they kill me. They’re hilarious. Their general podcast (about 45 minutes usually) is just…brilliant. They’re so random :D

    • taraSG permalink
      June 10, 2009 2:25 pm

      Thanks for posting about them!! I’m looking forward to listening to them on my drive to Chicago this weekend :)

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