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May 14, 2009

After visiting Day Zero Project and 101 Strategy I created my list of 101 goals. If you are going to make a list of your own I highly recommend visiting these sites. After looking over 101 Strategy, I decided to flesh out my list. Next to each of my goals you can find a link to more info. Here you can find more details about each goal (what I have to do in order to complete them and why they are on the list). My goals are broken down into categories and taged by the number of the goal and generals about the goal.

I’ll be updating with my progess and any bumps along the way. I’ll be putting up recipes I try, places I visit, pictures from events I host or attend, book & movie reviews and more. I’d love to hear suggestions for places to travel to, books to read, movies to watch or advice in general. I’d also love to hear from others who are working on their 101 mission.

I’ve created a twitter account that will be devoted to my Mission 101 info only. It will let you know when there are new posts here and other random bits of information from my journey.

Thanks for visiting!

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